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Johns Hopkins Medicine Klinefelter Clinic

The clinic offers appointments with the following specialists. All patients see the endocrinologist initially for a complete history and physical exam.

Adult Endocrinology (Adult Hormone Treatment):                            
Adrian Dobs, M.D.,M.H.S.

Pediatrics (Childhood Treatment):                                                  
David Cooke, M.D.

Urology (Infertility, Sexual function):                                              
Pravin Rao, M.D.

Neuropsychology (Problems with learning/thinking and/or mood):      
Cynthia Munro, Ph.D.

Primary Care (Preventive care and general health concerns):            
Vinayak Kottoor, M.D.

Genetic Counseling:
Cathleen Lawson, MS, GSC

Psychology (Gender identity, sexual preference):
Chris Kraft, Ph.D.

Social Work (Government benefits, social services):
Speech Pathology: